Frequently asked questions

Where will the funds go?

Your gift goes directly to us - and you can find out more on our homepage: Your gift will be used to support crucial areas within WAGGGS including Leadership – directly helping young women attend the Juliette Low Seminar 2022 and empowering them with the leadership practices and mindsets they need to succeed to be the leaders the world needs. As well as supporting girls and young women where the need is greatest - enabling WAGGGS to be able to offer even more life changing opportunities and experiences to the millions of girls of the Movement. Wherever you choose to give, it’s your participation that matters most.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All payments through the website will be securely processed by Stripe and Stripe US

How can I give my gift?

Using the International Women’s Day website, alternatively email where we can provide more options for paying via bank transfer, cheque, or can manually process your donation for you.

Why is my payment not going through?

Please check that you have included your postcode in both the address field and the card details field of the gift form. If there is still a problem, you may have to contact your card provider and inform them that the payment is valid. For any queries please contact the WAGGGS team at

Can I see my gift on this website?

Yes! If you’ve chosen not to make your gift anonymous, you can take a look at the donor wall to see your name.

Is there another way to donate to you other than online?

Yes, you can contact us at and we’ll be delighted to help you make your gift. Your gift can also be made via bank transfer, and we can provide the bank necessary details for you.

I set up a recurring payment, what will show in the totaliser?

Yes, the total of your direct debit payments for the duration of time selected will show up in the total raised on the website.

I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Feel free to email us at

Is there a minimum donation?

£5 (Great British Pounds)

Question about tax-deductibility or gift aid

For supporters from the USA or Canada, you can make your payments via CAF Canada or The World Foundation for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, Inc. and these will be manually added to the Giving Day site. Please email to notify the team that you have made your donation. All donations will be part of the match funding opportunity and will count towards Giving Day challenges. For UK supporters who wish to pay gift aid, WAGGGS are able receive an addition 25 pence for every pound you donate if you are a UK taxpayer. This additional donation will be added to your giving record.