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“The Juliette Low Seminar (JLS) exposes a young person to concepts, ideas and people they’ve never dreamt of. By donating to support the JLS, it gives you the opportunity to change someone's life. I can only speak of personal experience. I was working as a secretary and JLS turned my life around. I ended up as a different kind of secretary, as Cabinet Minister in the Australian Federal Parliament and I attribute it to Guiding and JLS. It changed my life.” Kay Patterson, Australia, 1963 JLS Participant

Lifelong international friendships, an understanding of global cultures and practices, confidence building, and the safe space to develop your own leadership journey. This is just a small part of the JLS experience, an experience that you can give to young women today. JLS participants have gone on to not only be leaders in their own lives, but leaders in their Member Organisations, leaders of the WAGGGS World Board, and leaders in their professional lives. They are a global network of trailblazing young women leading the way for change.

By supporting the Juliette Low Seminar you’ll be helping to give more young women the chance to consciously take the lead in their lives and communities, while tackling gender barriers to their leadership. Will you make a gift and give more girls the opportunities to start their own leadership journeys? 

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